Love is love


As if you didn’t already know. But the absolute best thing about valentines day? There’s love EVERYWHERE.

Who cares if you’re single? If you do have a lover or date with your sweetheart, go you!

If not, you go too!

Because today is a commercial holiday. Thanks candy and card companies!

BUT there’s still so much love. Because everyone gets the chance to be treated. Pampered.

Whether you kiss someone for a free burrito, someone buys you flowers, or you get yourself chocolate! WHY NOT?

It’s every human beings day to get treated. Even if you’re single or alone, whatever! Embrace it! Treat yourself because you deserve it.

If you plans, get dolled up and have a great time!

If you don’t, go get a drink. Take a bath. Curl up with chocolate and a book. Binge watch Netflix. Who cares? 🙂

Whatever you do, love someone, love each other, love yourself.

I like v-day because I’m in love with the idea of love.

Make the most of it.



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