Broncos, Beer, & …Boys?

Besides the absolutely horrifying Super Bowl game today, this weekend has been incredible.

It’s really wonderful and soooo soul pleasing when a couple of days can really put life in to perspective for you!

I had a weekend filled with work and homework as usual then ended it off the heartbreak that was the Broncos loss! Although hey, Seahawks, also hats off to ya. 

I’m unbelievably excited about all the things that was this weekend because you really can go play after you work all day. Grab the beers, besties, and boyz because especially after this weekend, this is the time to do it.

Example #1: TRUE AMERICAN. If you haven’t heard of this game. better start now. Originating from the show New Girl, True American is a ridiculously fun drinking game. Grab your buds, youtube/google the rules, and JFK! The harder the trivia, and the bigger the beer castle, the more enjoyment from the game… 🙂 

Example #2: Conquered. I have been hanging out with this guy and lately, it has been a lot. I won’t get in to the details because unnecessary but its another adventure I’m currently on I am absolutely stoked about. This weekend was an incredible scenic rest stop on our journey.  It’s a wonderful feeling knowing someone cares about you to the extent of doing everything in their power to please you.

It’s a feeling i more than need lately and one than I cannot get enough of! I feel so Madonna craving this love and attention–with my individual powers still shining through. To all of you with those same feels, grab that person, keep said feels, and take all you can while giving all you have. It’s incredible. This timing couldn’t be better and I’m so grateful for the people that surround me with caring and support.

Sorry for the more personal rant, but today? Life is good. 

Have a great week all! You have 86,400 seconds in a day so you might as well take one and tell someone you love, how much you appreciate them. Maybe even tweet it to the Broncos so they can feel the fan base. 😉 



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