Daily Prompt: Predictions

Daily Prompt: Predictions.

July 30th..my wishes for the day would be nothing more than simplicity. Simplicity in pure joy. The sweet, sweet summer time. I can hope to do something exciting. But all I could really want for this future day is to be spending it enjoying the last few months of my teenage years: Pre-20’s.

I will in fact be in the beautiful state of Hawaii celebrating what will be my brother’s recent high school graduation. All I can really hope for is finding pure joy in waking up somewhere different with my incredible family. Spending all day on the beach soaking up the sun and literally praying I don’t turn out the color of the Hibiscus flowers. Perhaps playing around and doing some non-adult things with what will be my almost all adult family. Besides being on vacation and hopefully in the state of relaxation, I really just look forward to spending this future day waking up to peace, the ones I love the most, and of course, the adventure I seek.

Cheers to the future.


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