Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys

Every inspirational burst is the same. Just start a blog! Somebody somewhere will read it. Hell, maybe somebody somewhere will think its good. And it’s always the same the ending for me: 2-5 posts and then ehh nevermind, I should delete it. 

Welcome to 2014, the year I want to be different. I think that’s the New Years Resolution most people have: change this year, make it different, be different. February hits and there’s still hope for the late starters. But then comes May, soon enough its August, and uh oh..its Christmas. Time to start searching for a new because this year will be different and I’ll actually complete my New Years Resolutions! 

Well, this year really will be different I swear! I say on January…20th. But I’m unbelievably determined! Second year of college and entering my twenties, it HAS to be different. 

And between all of life obstacles, something is bound to change. Now by no means is this a “Follow me to see how I change!” blog. We have all heard it before. But why not take the time to write down life’s little pleasures. Document all the precious moments to look back on next January and feel proud to have completed your goal! From recently found inspiration, that is my plan. Because this year my life really starts! (I hope.) 

So come with me as we travel through life’s ups, downs, and of course all the incredibly awkward moments in between!

“Either write something worth while, or do something worth writing.” -Benjamin Franklin



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